FRAPPÉ FBC 400 Bosch Active Line Plus 500 Watt 50cm

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Produkt Information 

It is a modern style Frappé with easy entry frame and Bosch motor and carrier battery. Active Line Plus motor and 500 Wh battery capacity give you a wide range to rediscover your city or to commute on daily basis. Fully equipped with carrier, lights, AXA lock and lights are ready for everyday use.

Ramme matriale alloy Al-6061
Forgaffel Suntour suspension
Fornav KT, alloy
Kassette SG-C3001-7D, 18T
Kranksæt alloy 170, 38T
Gear Nexus 7 speed
Kæde KMC Z1eHX ept
Kædekasse open, alloy
Forbremse hydraulic disc MT200
Bagbremse hydraulic disc MT200
Forlygte AXA Compactline 20 lux
Baglygte AXA Blueline
Sadel Selle Royal Sfera
Sadelpind rigid, alloy
Frempind adjustable, alloy
Styr alloy, 620 mm
Greb Herrmans ergonomic and adjustable
Fælg alloy, double wall
Dæk CST Ampero 40-622, puncture protection
Eger stainless steel
Bagagebære alloy with binder and AVS
Lås AXA Solid with cable plug in option
Støtteben Atran rear kickstand
Pedaler Marwi SP-823
- -
E-BIKE System Bosch
Sensor torque, rotation and speed
Motor Active Line Plus
Display Purion
Batteri 500Wh
Lader 2A

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